EcoP is developing alternatives to promotional plastic products for sustainable branding



Eco-Stationery include Eco-Pens, Eco-Pencils, Eco-Bags, Eco-Notepad & Eco-School kits.


Advertise with us using our Eco-Bags. Eco-Bags include jute bags, paper bags and cotton bags.


Eco-Cutlery will include paper straws, edible forks, spoons and knives. Our gift for environment conscious foodies

Coming Soon


Responsibly Green

We believe there is no other way than thinking and acting green. We encourage like minded individuals & organizations to support our initiative in replacing single use plastic products with genuinely green ones.

Women Entrepreneurs

EcoP believes in women entrepreneurs and women leaders who can make waves with their mind and change the world with their love and empathy.


Canada is our home and EcoP's birthplace is the ambitious city of Hamilton. Our products are Canadian to the core and the team respects and shares the Canadian Family values.

Growing Together

Differently abled people and at-risk youth join us in rolling pens as our products are made from rolled paper. Artists draw exquisite arts about climate change & social issues rolled up to create beautiful pens.


"The time for incremental approaches to addressing sustainable development challenges has passed with much more transformational approaches now urgently needed. The potential to symbolize this important message is possible with the Eco-pen through a story of net positive benefit and regeneration."
Kevin McKauge
Academy of Sustainable Innovation