Eco-Pens Basil – Pack of 10


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Eco-Pen Basil:



Recycled Paper Rolled high quality ballpoint pen with seeds attached at the back.


Product Description:

Eco-Pen Basil is made up of recycled paper which has basil seeds at the back of the pen. Once the user finishes using the pen, they can plant it to grow into a small plant.


The pen has a water soluble capsule at the back of the pen where the seeds are placed. Once in contact with water or buried into soil, the capsule will dissolve itself in 2 hours and the seeds will come out. Later, the user can dispose the pen into the recycle bin.



Dimensions (L*W*H) : 14 cm *1 cm *1 cm

Body Material : Recycled Paper

Cartridge : Recycle Plastic

Ball Point : Tungsten Carbide

Seed types : Basil

Capsule : Water Soluble  

Water Resistant : No


Planting Instructions:

  1. Enjoy writing until the ink is finished

  2. Plant in wet soil, seed side down & inclined to allow room to grow

  3. Water regularly and enjoy your new plant

  4. Don’t forget to remove the pen from the soil after 2 days and recycle it


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Eco-Pens Basil – Pack of 10